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Should I Hire a Resume Writer?

Unless you're a skilled resume writer, creating an effective resume can be the bane of your existence. Your resume strategy might leave you wanting to bang your head against the keyboard.

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Should you restrict your resume information to a single page, or use two pages to more truly highlight your training/skills? Should you keep it objective or include some witty or creative threads to demonstrate your originality? You can spend hours rewriting the same job descriptions and still feel like they lack that special something that will get you noticed.

It might be time to hire a resume writer

Resume writing is a specific skill set. It's so specific that professionals for whom writing is a part of their job description will still hire a resume writer when they're in the process of applying for new jobs. If you've been struggling to write a resume, you probably notice it's difficult to stay away from the same cliched words and phrases - especially if your previous few job positions shared similar responsibilities. A resume writer will be able to craft job descriptions that highlight specific skill sets acquired through the progression of your job and/or education and training history.

Resume writers provide objectivity

One of the biggest challenges when writing your resume is that you lack the objective view point to clearly - and uniquely - list why you deserve a desired job position more than the rest of the applicants. A good resume writer will spend time getting to know you, usually via a phone conversation, and will ask pertinent questions regarding your work history/experience. Many times, what you might regard as mundane or routine to your job, can be featured as a unique strength or talent when properly highlighted on your resume. He or she will use your information and craft a resume that illustrates who you are, as well as what you are capable of.

It's an investment in your future

If you are concerned that paying a resume writer is a waste of money when you can do it yourself, consider that most people use the same resume templates, and the same general wording. This means employers receive hundreds, or thousands, of seemingly identical resumes. Investing one nominal payment for a stand out resume you can use an infinite amount of times makes good fiscal sense.

The best resume strategy is one that results in getting the job you want.

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