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Twitter vs. Facebook

One very clear difference between these two social media networks is the format of posts. On Facebook you can post any range of content and as much content as you like. Yet Twitter is based around the format of predominantly text based posts under 140 characters.

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This is also a major difference between Twitter and Facebook and a very important one. News feeds on Facebook are based on an algorithm that decides what users will see. This means major news stories can get missed or go seemingly unreported on Facebook unless the news is deemedpopular or engaging enough. This also means that just because someone is your Facebook friend or they have "liked" your page, it doesn't mean they will see your content in their news feed.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter feeds are based on chronological posting order, meaning the news isn't filtered through an algorithm. But recently there have been suggestions that Twitter officials are censoring material they deem inappropriate. Twitter CEODick Costolo, tweeted, after the alleged video execution of James Foley by ISIS,We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you

Nonetheless, in general Twitter feeds are less filtered than Facebook new feeds.The Ferguson shooting is a prime example of how algorithmic and chronological ordering can change what appears in feeds.


When it comes to advertising Facebook is a saturated market. Seriously, there is advertising everywhere. While this may increase a click through rate for advertisers, Twitter has suggested that this sort of blanket advertising is just annoying and will end up frustrating users to the point where they will stop engaging with the social platform. As i'm sure you can guess Twitter has less advertising. But, if you do want to promote a post on Twitter you can, there just isn't banner advertising.This makes the advertising less intrusive and more organic.


The final difference (that i'm discussing, i'm sure there are many more differences) is the fact that exchanges on Facebook have to be mutual or semi-mutual unless they are promoted. On Twitter connections can go one way.

What does this all mean?

So now we know the differences, why do we care? With the knowledge about how Facebook and Twitter work in relation to posts, post filtering,advertising and connections you can tailor your content to make it more effective and successful.

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