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There are many books and websites out there that offer advice on how to be successful. Each of the tips for success is valuable. In this article I am going to write a couple of tips that will help you be successful in everyday life.

1 Vision What is it that you are trying to be successful in? A clear vision will help you to achieve. I have heard that the clearer that you can see a dream the more likely it is to come true. If this is true we should be envisioning what we want out of life every day. Being happy and being a good father are two things that I strive to be. To help me along the way I literally sit for a few minutes and think about what it takes to be a good father. To me a good father will be there for his kids. He will help to teach them what they will need in life. This can be educational or more down to Earth. Every single day I hope to teach my kids something new that they didn't know or teach them how to think differently about something that is going on in their lives.

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2 It has already happened If something has already happened you are now experienced in that field or subject matter. This means that if we can place ourselves like something has already happened, we will more likely already know what to do. If we know what to do it becomes simpler with time. To me, I believe that people can use their vision to trick our minds into something that we want in life, making us believe we have already accomplished this. I find that things just start to fall into place in the right order after I have done this correctly.

Think about it. This happens every day even when we are not paying attention. It can be in the positive or the negative. As an example let's say there is an emergency. You have to get to the hospital as quickly as possible because a loved one is there with an injury of some kind. We do not think about it. We jump in the car and drive. Sometimes speeding and going in and out of traffic. We make it to the hospital in our minds before we ever step foot or find a parking spot there. We tend to make it there safely even in the face of fear. You have now used vision and you have already tricked your mind to know you we're going to make it safely. We do not always know how things are going to work out but now we have a clearer understanding of why this happens.

Now let us try an example that we can use in everyday life. Lets work on a relationship. This can be with a wife, child, mother, father or any other person that may be important in your life. First use vision. See yourself having a better relationship with that person. Now the tricky part, know that you have already accomplished having a better relationship. Think about it day and night preferably 3 or 4 times a day. By doing this you will start doing nice things for the person or talking more respectfully. If it is a loved one like a wife or husband you may catch yourself buying them a coffee, visiting them at work or trying to have more meaningful conversations. Remember that relationships with anyone are based on communication. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal.

This has gone on longer than I like because I know and respect that the people reading this have limited time. I will try to continue something along these lines to give you more tips for success in a later article. Hope you guys and gals have a fantastic day.

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