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Silver Linings Playbook

I want to make a declaration first about my intention to see this movie. The only reason I went to see it was because I really needed to have a night away from the house with my wife. We love watching movies together and seeing how she makes all the money in the relationship now, I let her pick the movie. I just wanted to make it clear what my mind set was upon sitting down and watching this film.

That being said, I thought the movie was a delightfully witty and heartfelt movie. There we're moments of laughter and of seriousness. The director,David O. Russell, mixes the two emotions together perfectly. There we're times when I was the only person in the theatre who was laughing, which I felt like had more to do with the audience wondering it is was appropriate to laugh than whether the scene or line was funny. Whether or not it was appropriate is something that is lost on me, as Pat, wonderfully played byBradley Cooper, says in the movie "I have no filter". I have often commented on not having a filter and saying the things that everyone is thinking, but that they no better than to say.

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The actors and actresses provide wonderful performances that endear their characters to the audience. Bradley Cooper changes gears perfectly from one minute being okay and into the moment with Jennifer Lawrence to out of control. His struggle with wanting to be 'normal' and not wanting to take medicines that cloud his mind comes across very real.

Jennifer Lawrence portrayal of a promiscuous widow trying to cope with the death of her husband started off a little iffy to me. Not her acting, which I felt was amazing, but the storyline. I didn't see where it was going at first, nor did it make sense to me that she would act this way after her husband dies. After the story line begins to take shape and you hear about how he dies and she explains the events leading up to it, it makes sense. The problem is that at this point it feels feels forced. Still I walked away extremely impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's acting the movie. Even though the camera angles seemed to be following her body, which remained clad in skin tight outfits throughout the movie, her eyes we're what stood out the most. She had the most intense look in her eyes that made everything she said or did extremely believable.

Robert DeNiro, Pat's father, also turned in a great performance as the neurotic sports fanatic whose superstitions controlled the lives of all the people in the film. In a very touching scene, De Niro explains to Pat that his wanting to talk football with him isn't about the game itself (though in a way it still is), but rather his father's desire to make up for the time he did not spend with him when he was younger.

This movie has many things going for it. There is great acting, humor, touching scenes, family, a visually stunning Jennifer Lawrence, and a touching ending. It brings some mental health issues to light in a serious but not too serious way. I would see it again and that is saying a lot considering the state of the economy and the outrageous ticket prices.

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