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Low Carb Diets

Low carbohydrate diets have been popular for a number of years and have recently shown a marked increase in popularity. Part of that popularity has been extended to what are now being called no-carb diets. Knowing what types of foods to avoid involves understanding what the diet is about.

It is virtually impossible to avoid carbohydrates entirely in your diet, and it would be unhealthy to do so. Your body does need some carbohydrates. A no carb diet is actually a very low carb diet . One example of a no-carb diet is the induction phase of the Atkins plan. There are other diets out there that keep carbs low as a permanent part of the plan. Either way, what foods should a person on one of these diets avoid?

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Breads and pastries are the easiest things to identify as being high in carbohydrates. Bread, muffins, crackers and bagels are on the list of things to avoid on low carb diets while no carb diets rule them out altogether. A basic rule is that if it is made with flour, it is not on your diet plan. Pastas fit this rule as well.

Potatoes in all their forms (fried, baked, mashed, etc.) are to be avoided on low and no carb diets. Pastas such as gnocchi and potato breads are similarly to be avoided.

Another food to avoid is rice. Brown and whole-grain rices are okay in later stages of low carb diets, but are not on a no carb diet (or the first stages of low-carb diets for that matter). Both of these types of diets recommend avoiding white rices.

Cereals are another food to avoid. This includes not only cold cereals that you pour milk over and serve but also hot cereals such as oatmeal and cream of wheat.

Beans such as black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans are to be avoided as they are high in carbs. Corn and carrots are other vegetables to avoid as both are high in sugar and carbohydrates.

Fruits to avoid include (but may not be limited to) apricots, bananas, blueberries, dates, grapefruits and figs.

Milk has carbohydrates in the form of lactose sugar. Many of those sugars get taken out of milk in the process of making cheese, but watch out for plain milk and cream. Those sugars are still in there.

Another good rule of thumb on no-carb diets is to avoid all processed and packaged food. Invariably, they are loaded up with sugary and carb-heavy ingredients in an effort to compensate for the loss of taste inherent in the preservation and packaging processes. This is especially true of so-called reduced fat foods. They are even higher in sugars and carbs than their higher fat counterparts.

Lastly, avoid sweets. High sugar foods are also high in carbohydrates. Avoid cakes, candies and other sweets. Following all of these rules will help you stick to your no carb diet .

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