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Vegan Living is a Lifestyle

Vegan living is more than an eating choice it is a lifestyle. While vegetarians decline eating meat products, vegans refrain from eating meat and food stuffs derived from animals like dairy products, eggs and even honey. They also exclude wearing animal skin such as leather and fur. Even animal tested cosmetics are forbidden.

Eating a plant based diet that is naturally low in fat and cholesterol and high in fiber offers significant health benefits. Vegan living lowers the risk of developing many chronic diseases such as cardiac ailments, high blood pressure, some forms of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, diverticulitis (disease of the colon) obesity and visual impairment.

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Consuming a meat free diet significantly increases the quality of life and allows a greater life span to the extent of six to ten years. Medical research has revealed that a vegan lifestyle builds a more efficient immune system and is beneficial for multiple sclerosis patients. It helps to gain more energy as it eliminates chronic fatigue syndrome.

Vegan lifestyle rids the internal health system of all irritable allergens that causes food allergies, ADHD and asthma. This form of regular diet also creates an aesthetically pleasing healthy hair, lowers body weight and builds a clearer, taut and glowing skin. People generally convert to vegan life style for reasons beyond health.

They envisage this way of living as it is cruelty free. The vegans believe that by excluding animal products, plant food would be grown more for human consumption thereby creating a better world to exist in. Vegan living reduces an individuals contribution to the destruction brought about by feeding and raising livestock for food. Global warming, water shortages and de-forestation are all partially attributed to the livestock industry hence this lifestyle is environmentally conscious and socially ethical.

It is estimated that animal excrement accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emission. Water for human consumption is used for irrigating feed crops while available water resources are being contaminated by antibiotics and hormones administered to livestock along with pesticides and fertilizers. Once human beings stop consuming meat, such dangerous practices would be greatly curtailed.

Vegan meal supplies all the necessary nutrients. Vegans need to pay attention to Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. The breakfast cereals, soy milk products and vegetable burgers are well fortified with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D while the plant foods offer vegan diet sufficient Calcium and Iron such as Tofu, legumes, spinach, prune juice, dried fruits and whole grain products. Vitamin C rich food includes citrus fruits and juices, broccoli, tomatoes and green peppers while nuts are a rich source of Zinc.

Veganism is an ideal way of gifting a family with a healthy lifestyle. It is favorable for the family budget since plant food tends to be less expensive than meat and dairy products. Health wise, vegan living appears to be gaining in popularity and environmentally, there is less possibility of contaminating land or water thereby allowing us to contribute, in a small way, to preserve nature.

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