About Dreamscapes Design

I support homeowners and contractors with a functional landscape design to be able to connect you with your yard and outdoor area spending time outside and with the people you enjoy. I have created modern and european inspired landscape plans since 2007 here in Calgary. I have spend more than a decade working on outdoor projects before building my own business. I carry a bachelor’s degree in landscape planning and garden architecture from Germany and I am very skilled in providing inspiring landscape plans and renderings for your property. I add flair and beauty to your yard space and providing you with a landscape plans and yard services that transform yards into functional and well taken care of landscapes and gardens for you, your family and friends to enjoy.

About Me

My name is Jessica Dubiel. I’m the founder of Dreamscapes Design and I am looking forward to working with you in creating a landscape and yard that fits your needs. I do so by offering landscape consultations, functional landscape plans and also offer yard services to free up your time.

There are many benefits to working with me. I am working with your budget and needs to create a balance between what’s possible and important for you. I have been involved in landscape consultations, designs, planting plans, renderings and construction details for more than a decade and thus skilled at providing functional designs and landscape ideas that can be built within your budget.

We offer also yard maintenance and smaller yard projects. Amongst many others these include edging, redesigns of beds, new plantings, container pots, pruning, clean up, soil amendements, mulching and many more. I get the unique needs for people and their lifestyle’s and thus collaborate with you on the guidance you need so you are able to enjoy your landscape and yard in its beauty.


“We had an idea of what we wanted to do with our backyard but it needed some work. The design process was fast – Jessica was truly a pleasure to work with. It really feels like we’ve added another room to our house.”

Brent & Jennifer Wilson

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I am looking forward to helping and supporting you with your yard and landscape for the coming season to create a yard and landscape you like and enjoy.