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Yard Maintenance Services

Being outdoors can improve your mood and relieves stress especially when your yard is been taken care of. Check out our promos below.

A landscaped and maintained yard has great benefits as it draws you outside and therefore increases your physical activity and releases stress.

With the right design plan including balance of color, texture, furniture and maintaining it, you can create an outdoor oasis that helps you spend time outside with the people you enjoy which is a great reason to get your yard back into shape and looking beautiful.

A well maintained yard has benefits as it releases clutter. It supports is your long-term well-being and provides a great environment for your family and people to enjoy.

My Work

Check out my portfolio. The landscape projects that were build by contractors. I have done the landscape designs for them and create designs for clients and know contractors that work with landscape construction. 

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Our Happy Clients

Mercey Mercado

“It has been a real pleasure working with Jessica. She has a mild-mannered attitude, easy to approach and very professional. She really took the time to get to know our space and was responsive to my needs and wants. I am extremely pleased with the outdoor living space and landscape design that she did for us. We have started entertaining family and friends last summer and have received a lot of compliments! We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, Jessica”

Sean Dunnigan

“I can’t begin to say how pleased I am with the work provided by Jessica at Dreamscapes Design. I had no idea where to begin with my yard and she produced in very short order a proposed landscape design which was creative, well thought out, attractive and manageable as a project. She visited the site on 2 occasions and did revisions to the design. Jessica was a delight to work with, receptive to questions and suggestions for changes, and demonstrated real talent in coming up with a plan. I cannot recommend her work at Dreamscapes highly enough.”

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Let's Design Your Outdoors and Yard Together

I am looking forward to helping and supporting you with your yard and landscape for the coming season to create a yard and landscape you like and enjoy.

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