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A consultation is a great and affordable way to begin the redesign of your yard space. The consult meeting will provide you with great starter points, ideas and solutions and gives you support how to handle and tackle your landscape upgrade especially if you like to see what it can offer you and the potential it has which is often quite amazing. During the consultation we can also address your main yard issues and concerns so we can create a solution for you to move forward with.

Consultation Options: $249 plus GST with summary and pictures, $297 plus GST with hand drawing

Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape designs often set the tone and vision of your future outdoor space and act like a detailed map of how your new landscape will flow and look like. The landscape plan comes with a proper layout for all your hard- and softscaping including all feature accessories, a planting list and material choices as well as pictures for your visualization. Starting at $650 plus GST

Detail Drawings

Depending on the scope of your project, additional details on your request, can help you conceptualize your project and look of certain features in detail beforehand.

Planting Plan or Schemes

If you already have an existing landscape but like to revamp it or like to add some colour to your yard, let’s get clear together about your plans and what shrubs or flowers you like to add for colour and flair.

Plant Bed Clean Up and Maintenance

We also offer diverse yard services including yard maintenance throughout the season. To increase your overall wellbeing and your home’s curb appeal, here are some of the yard services offered:

Seasonal Yard Clean-up and Maintenance

We offer seasonal yard clean ups for spring and fall as well as monthly yard and bed maintenance services such as pruning starting at $150 plus GST

Removing Dead Growth and Flowers

Deadheading and removing of old or diseased flowers or unhealthy plant tissue so new ones can emerge and to boost plant health and flowers


Mulching is a long-established horticultural practice. It involves spreading a layer of material on the ground around plants to protect their roots from heat or cold alias prevent stress from weather. Other reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing or discouraging weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area. A mulch is usually, but not exclusively, organic in nature.

Trimming and Pruning

of hedges, small trees or shrubs to encourage plant health, growth and flowering. Pruning, in horticulture is the removal or reduction of parts of a plant, tree, or vine that are not requisite to growth or production, may no longer visually be appealing, or are injurious to the health or development of a plant.

Planting Projects or Container Arrangements

Planting Projects or Companion Planting

Adding new plant material to increase interest in the garden is important. The goal is to improve the curb appeal of your home and garden and seasonal appearance for you and others to enjoy. Companion planting is the practice of growing different plants together for mutual benefit and in the ornamental field to help prevent disease and insect infestation of certain plants such as roses as well as if desired to attract beneficial pollinators.

Container Pots and Annual Arrangements

If you would like to enhance your outside home and garden, container pots and annuals are a great way to maximise your space and increase curb appeal, provide a focal point or add a splash of color to your entrance, patio or deck. By combining color and textures, it will create a beautiful impact to your space all season long.

Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Soil amendments improve the soil aggregation and increase permeability and improve drainage. It contributes to better rooting depth for plants to let them thrive so your yard can look full and beautiful over the season. Especially if you have clayey soil, adding the right soil or aggregates can help improve the conditions for your plants. Adding the right fertilizer will also help boost your plants and their growth.


I also work with subcontractors on landscape construction, lawn or tree care for your garden. When you are ready to implement your landscape plan, I can help you find the right landscape contractor to ensure a smooth construction of your landscape project. I can also suggest a contractor for tree and lawn care work to complement your garden.

Landscape Contractor


Lawn Care

Let's Design Your Outdoors and Yard Together

I am looking forward to helping and supporting you with your yard and landscape for the coming season to create a yard and landscape you like and enjoy.